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For nearly ten years was existed our scientific- information site of the Institute “Prometheus’ (URL During that period it was visited by a number of specialists, interested in the problems our collective is studying. Yet the diversity of subject-matter, the big amount of information sometimes makes it difficult for a newcomer to deal with our site. That is why we decided to single out to a separate web site the problem of synaesthesia which is significant by itself. The more so, while the problem of synaesthesia excites sensational interest all over the world, our fifty-years researches regretfully remain unknown to those who begin to study that problem from the ‘blank sheet’.

So, our old web site (URL is called now “Light-music: Institute ‘Prometheus’” (although its themes cover also other experimental forms of art, adjoined to the light-music). The detached new site assumes a name “Synaesthesia: Institute ‘Prometheus’” (URL New web site gives access to all principal publications of the Institute “Prometheus” concerning synaesthesia (‘color hearing’) – its nature and its function in culture (in language, poetry and various arts – first of all, in music). The most intriguing point (the starting, initial point in a historical view) is the function of synaesthesia in the synthetic arts (light-music, first of all).

All that determine the structure of web site. Within each section the material is arranged in chronological order, with the references to the edition where each article has been first published. For convenience page numbers remain the same as in the original publications. In addition, all available links to the references are inserted directly into the text.

The web site has Russian and English versions. If the article had been published in English, it could be viewed exactly as it appeared in the foreign journals; otherwise we would bring forward the article for eventual publication. The translation into English we can make ourselves. Some of the articles are bound exist in Russian version only (i.e. those concerning synaesthesia in Russian literature, addressed to the corresponding specialists).

The web site will grow in the course of time, to include our editions on synaesthesia. It is planned to add common address book of synesthetic web sites, provided we come to terms with the other web sites’ owners on the information exchange (draft version of the agreement can be found in our ‘Advertisement’ section). This section also contains ‘the board of honor’, sort of, where the examples of plagiarism from our site will be displayed. Many authors of synesthetic web sites who happened to encounter the infringement of intellectual property, would welcome this measure. If they wish, they can send us similar examples, taken from their own practice, for publication. In any case, any proposals and recommendations how to improve our site will be greatly appreciated; please send them to our guest book.

This web site was made with a financial support of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan Republic.


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